Congo Remote Focus Unit

Congo Remote Focus Unit
  • Item #: cRRFU
  • Manufacturer: ETC - Electronic Theatre Controls

ETC's Radio Remote Focus Units provide simple, wireless solutions for remote control. Convenient and powerful the Congo Radio Remote Focus Unit (cRRFU) is compatible with ETC?s new Congo console system and provides comprehensive control functionality.

Product Features
* Wireless communication with a generous radio range
* Commonly used commands for focus and basic record - playback
* Macro access for any other console commands
* Programmable Sleep feature
* On/off switch
* Supports multiple units on one receiver
* Supports multiple systems operating separately in same area
* Standard 9V alkaline battery powers transmitter
* Belt clip, and wrist strap/lanyard hanging point

The Quick and Dirty Range Limits:
Indoor Working Range: 240' (75m)
Outdoor (in free field) Working Range: 650' (200m)

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