Concealer Refills

Concealer Refills
  • Manufacturer: Ben Nye
Ben Nye's comprehensive collection of neutralizers and concealers let you blend away imperfections such as tattoos, birthmarks, and blemishes.

All refill shades are made to fit the Ben Nye BXE Metal Palette Box.

Limited shades are available as refills. They correspond to the Concealer Palette.

Series Descriptions:

Mellow Yellow-
Cover Redness with Ben Nye's four intensely pigmented neutralizing shades. Effectively conceal red-hued blemishes, scars, capillaries, and tattoos.

Red Neutralizers-
Specifically designed to cancel intense red due to bruising, acne, birthmarks, or capillaries. Use before base as a facial corrector or blend with other neutralizers.

Mellow Orange-
Exceptional shades to neutralize blue-greens including veins, tattoos, bruises, and deep under-eye discolorations.

Blue Neutralizers-
Conceal blue-hued discolorations such as veins, tattoos, bruises, and deep under-eye circles with this unique palette.

Tattoo Cover-
Distinctive shades to cover tattoos and other deep discolorations. Formulated with highest pigmentation for maximum coverage.

Five O'Sharp-
Conceal blue-black beard shadows with these specialty cover-ups. May be applied beneath or over foundation tone. Also effective at concealing deep discolorations including black eyes or intense under-eye discoloration.

Coverette Cover-up-
Often recommended by doctors and "camouflage" artists to cover scar tissue, birthmarks, vitiligo, and post-op skin discoloration. Blends easily on most skin tones.

Special Yellow Hightlight No.1 -
Versatile shade to blend with other creme products, lightens without "graying". Attractive highlighting shade.

Special Green Concealer No.1 -
A must for blending to diminish deepest red flaws or to enhance effectiveness of other neutralizing shades.
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