Charcoal Powder

Charcoal Powder
  • Item #: MP-5, CM 1-2
  • Manufacturer: Ben Nye
Distress characters and weather costumes with these three realistic powders. Character Powders cling to skin, yet wash off easily.

Character Powder types:
Plains Dust- Looks like real dirt (the brown stuff)
Ash Powder- Pale dust tone (also known as Fuller's Earth)
Charcoal Powder- Smudge on the face for classic "grease stain" and lightly apply around wound for powder burns.

Test on fabric before use.

Expect 10-20 Applications per ounce.

Plains Dust and Charcoal Powder are available in .75 oz Mini Shaker, 4.5 oz Jar, and 10 oz Jar sizes.
Ash Powder is available in 1 oz Mini Shaker, 5.3 oz Jar, and 10.4 oz Jar sizes.
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Price $8.00

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