COMET Followspot

COMET Followspot
  • Item #: COMET
  • Manufacturer: Altman Lighting

A ruggedly constructed medium to long throw follow spot, the Comet produces a narrow, hard or soft edged beam which zooms from 2.3 degrees to 12.2 degrees.


The luminaire shall be up to a 410-watt followspot designed to accept the FLE, ENX, or FXL, quartz projector lamps.
The optical system shall consist of a lampholder assembly mounted on a fixed plate with three adjustable thumbscrews for precise tuning and adjustment.
The lamp shall consist of a tungsten halogen 360-watt lamp permanently positioned in a dichroic-coated glass reflector for optimum performance.
Luminaire shall be supplied with an on/off switch, an eight lever, six color, and dowser automatic color boom, a quiet fan-operated forced air cooling system, and integral 120-volt to 82-volt step down transformer and a removable 25 ft. grounded cable.
Also supplied shall be the mechanical dimmer, framing shutters and the iris controls all top-mounted.
Luminaire shall be produced in a black finish.

Followspot comes with stand and FLE Lamp

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