Ben Nye Cosmetics: Master Production Kit

Ben Nye Cosmetics: Master Production Kit
  • Item #: FK-1
  • Manufacturer: Ben Nye
Well equipped for production or class, this comprehensive Kit includes a considerable selection of professional products. Light textured Matte Foundations are appropriate for today's subtle film, video, or print applications

FK-1 Components:

Six Matte Foundations
Creme Rouge
Creme Highlight
Creme Shadow
Cover-All Wheel
Bruise Wheel
Sunburn Stipple Creme
Powder Rouge
two Pressed Eye Shadows
Cake Eye Liner
two Eyebrow Pencils
Lip Pencil
Lip Color
Nose and Scar Wax
Hair Color
Fair Translucent Powder
Spirit Gum
Spirit Gum Remover
Wrinkle Stipple
Stage Blood
Rouge Brush
Velour Powder Puff
Latex Sponge
Stipple Sponge
Flat Brushes No. 2, 5, and 7
Round Brush No. 1
Eyebrow/Lash Comb
Swab Applicators
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Price $150.00

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