Ben Nye Concealer Palette

Ben Nye Concealer Palette
  • Item #: NKP-12
  • Manufacturer: Ben Nye
Ben Nye's Concealer Palette cover the gamut when it comes to tattoos and discolorations. Intensely pigmented cremes provide flawless, long-wearing coverage.


Expect 200-1000 Applications

Shades Included:
RMY-1 Mellow Yellow- Fair
RMY-2 Mellow Yellow- Normal
RCC-2 Coverette Cover-up - Fair
RCC-3 Coverette Cover-up - Medium
RMO-2 Mellow Orange- Medium
RFS-1 Five O'Sharp- Studio
RHY-1 Special Yellow Highlight No.1
RGC-1 Special Green Highlight No.1
RNR-1 Red Neutralizer- No.1
RNT-1 Tattoo Cover- No.1
RNT-2 Tattoo Cover- No.2
RNB-1 Blue Neutralizer- No. 1
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