Apollo Gel Pack - Variety Pack

Apollo Gel Pack - Variety Pack
  • Item #: AP-GP12VA
  • Manufacturer: Apollo Design Technology
Apollo Gel Packs are convenient packs of popular filter colors. A Gel Pack contains twelve, 12"x12" assorted color filter sheets inside a re-sealable plastic bag with sombrero cut hole for easy display and a colorful graphic slip sheet including gel tips and ideas.

One sheets of each of the Following Colors are included in the Gel Pack:
1050 Soft Diffusion
1100 Hard Diffusion
2020 Apollo Blue 1/2 CTB
2120 Apollo Orange 1/2 CTO
2320 .6 Neutral Density
3150 Sour Grape
4250 Apollo Blue
5300 Apollo Green
6500 Bikini Yellow
7450 Golden Amber
8300 Diva Red
8550 Bit of Pink
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