Altman Q Series 8" Fresnel

Altman Q Series 8" Fresnel
  • Item #: ALT 8" Fres
  • Manufacturer: Altman Lighting

A lightweight, short throw, all purpose lighting device that produces a soft edged beam which varies in diameter from 6.3 feet to 25 feet at a throw distance of 30 feet.

The Q series Fresnels are designed for operation with the long life, high intensity tungsten halogen lamps.

The Luminaire is used in theatre for acting area lighting where beam shaping is not required or in television studios for key and backlighting. Other uses include nightclubs, museums and show windows where soft edge controlled lighting is required.

Fixtures come with safety cable, color frame, and bare ends.

You must purchase the power connector, clamp, and lamp separately.

If you want the power connector to be factory installed please specify.

Explanation of Fresnel Types:
75Q- Standard Focusing Fresnel. (Thumbscrew underneath lamp carraige is used to change focal length of the unit.)
175Q- Screw Feed Focusing Fresnel. (Screwing Handle at back of unit is turned to change the focal length of the unit.)

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