12 Channel Chase Generator

12 Channel Chase Generator
  • Item #: GLC 12
  • Manufacturer: GAM Products, Inc.
Specify 120v or 230v.

GAM's new master control chase generator, is a multi-functional pre-programmed sequencer that can:

* Create exciting electric lightning bolts
* Chase strobe lights
* Sequence a 12 channel chase
* Output 10V DC and DMX-512
* Provide four different pre-programmed lightning effects
* Give you twelve pre-programmed chases plus choice of dark and light
* Provide master control for up to 12 Flickermasters

GLC-12 is a 12 channel chase that can chase either strobes or incandescent loads. Remote control Star Strobes can be hooked up directly to the GLC-12 for stunning chasing strobe light effects.

GLC-12 puts out both a 12v DC and a DMX-512 signal at the same time, and will operate dimmers and/or DC relays at the same time. Select the chase number total you want, anything from 1 through 12 channels. Set the 'Steps' control knob to how many channels of chase you wish to direct.

GLC-12 can be used as a master control unit for the Flickermaster. You can use the GLC-12 to chase Flickermasters which have been individually set at their own flicker settings. Truly the ultimate fire flicker event.

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