Standard Focus Tool

Standard Focus Tool
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The Standard Focus Tool fits the three main bolts on a standard C-clamp (newer and older) used on PAR and ellipsoidal fixtures.
Additionally, the slot on the handle fits most wingnuts, road case handles, Martin cam thumb screws and some smaller shackle bolts. In the middle of the slot are two sockets which fit the nut for most 6 light lamp bars and the 1/2" bolt on the yokes of most leko fixtures.

On the back of the Standard Focus Tool is the handle slot used to get leverage on over-cranked leko and PAR handles. The handle slot fits most light fixtures, including those manufactured by ETC, Strand and Altman, as well as Thomas X handles and most old cast handles, plus mic stands with a straight handle.

There is also a place on the end of the tool to put a lanyard which has also been used to open beverages on occasion.

This tool is manufactured out of aluminum so that the focuser can have the tool comfortably hanging from his or her wrist as they work on the lighting fixture but the aluminum is hard coat annodized to make the surface wear resistant. Because it is made out of aluminum, it will not damage steel or iron nuts and bolts.
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