Glassless Mirror Ceiling Panels

Glassless Mirror Ceiling Panels
  • Item #: Mirrorlite Ceiling Panel
  • Manufacturer: Mirrorlite
MirrorliteĀ® Ceiling Glassless Mirror Panels drop into standard exposed grid systems.
The lightweight (approx 1 lb for a 2'x2' panel) and shatterproof qualities allow Glassless Mirror to be suspended from ceilings with wire or nylon line. Standard suspension systems are easily adapted for mirror installation. The aluminum frame can be drilled for various self-tapping fasteners giving the designer complete freedom to devise custom attachments.

Available in 2' x 2' or 2' x 4' sizes.
Qnty Discounts available for bulk size orders- please contact Philadelphia Theatrical Supply Directly at 215-627-1225 or for individual quote.
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Price $39.99
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