ETC Ion Control Console

ETC Ion Control Console
  • Item #: ETC ION
  • Manufacturer: ETC - Electronic Theatre Controls

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While the ETC ION Console is both smaller and affordable due to its operational style, the console’s power is unmatched. Due to theIon's small footprint (19" wide) it is the perfect solution for space-challenged environments and small venues. Providing fully integrated control of conventional and moving lights, Ion delivers a lot of boom for your buck.

The elegant and highly intuitive ETC ION lighting console is simple to use, and easy to install. The ETC ION console will fulfill the requirements of pros and beginners alike.

But don’t worry; you don’t need a degree in theater tech to use it! First begin with channel 5 at full power and let the entire potential of the ETC ION lighting console take effect. Coming complete with a powerful effects suite, as well as both timing and marking functions – you are able to truly enhance your theater experience. As an added bonus, the knowledge that you gain form working on this type of lighting equipment will help you professionally for years and years.

ETC ION delivers a substantial programming keypad, a grand master and blackout button, a master split fade, and fully dedicated encoders specifically designed for controlling non-intensity parameters.

For more control the ETC ION provides six USB faders: 2x20, 2x10, and 1x20, a total of an additional 300 sub masters, complete with paging controls.

The desk can also support one-to-two high-resolution external DVI monitors that are also able to be used as touch screens.

ETC ION lighting consoles come in five basic configurations: 3072, 2560, 2048, 1536, or 1024 outputs. Each one of these different versions fully supports a variety of channel numbering: from 1 to 10,000. This networked ETC ION system is able to support four distinct control inputs.

Additional features include Ion Remote Processor Units (for coordinated backup or individual lighting presentations), Ion desks, and Net3 Remote Audiovisual Interfaces or personal computers running the specific Client Software. Remote control is also available via the Net3 Radio Remote. This allows you to use the ETC ION console as a remote coordinating station for the lighting system, or as its own stand-alone system.

ETC Ion Software Features

  • Available in 3072, 2560, 2048, 1536, 1024 or output configurations
  • Dedicated blackout and grand master switch
  • Dedicated playback fader pairmaster switch
  • 200 fully active playbacks
  • 999 full cue lists
  • 4 x 1000 palettes (Intensity, Focus, Color, Beam)
  • 300 submasters
  • 4 pageable encoders
  • 1000 presets, effects and macros
  • Blind spreadsheet views
  • Offline programming on PC (Windows 7 or XP) and native on Macintosh (Intel)
  • Channel summary or table views, user configurable in live/blind
  • Show file compatibility with Eos and Element
  • Data import from ETC Obsession, Express/ion, Emphasis, Congo and Strand Show files via ASCII
  • Client/server networking and synchronized backup

ETC ION consoles Features

  • Integral LCD for softkeys and non-intensity parameter control
  • Supports up to two high-resolution DVI monitors
  • ETCNet2 and Net3 native
  • 2 x DMX512 outputs, RDM ready
  • MIDI In/Out (additional time code functions via external gateways)
  • Hard disk memory and USB compatible external storage
  • 5 multipurpose USB bus (pointing devices, printer, mouse, keyboard, touchscreens, flash drives)
  • Contact Closure Triggers
  • Phone remote control
  • Audio In/Out
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